Friday, March 20, 2009


Eighty percent of humans are more unhappy, more poor than rich, more sick than healthy, and more fearful than confident. ~Steve D'Annunzio

I came across this in a book that I am reading right now and it made me very sad. This means that only twenty percent of humans are happy, more rich than poor, more healthy than sick, and more confident than fearful.

The 2008 estimate of the world's population is 6,679,493,900. That means that 1,335,898,780 people are in the happy category and that over 5,000,000,000 are not.

WOW! My hope and prayer is to be able to reach just a few of those 5 billion people and help them to see that they are special. All of us have God given talents and abilities that make us unique. The hard part sometimes is knowing what we've been given and how to utilize them.

A great point was brought to my attention that I need to share. "Think what kind of difference the 1,335,898,780 happy people could make in this world." I owe that great insight to my hubby.