Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anniversary Present

Our anniversary is in February and this year I was quite proud of the present I bought for Bob. It was two tickets to six Seattle Mariners baseball games. We aren't sneaky about presents. I asked him if the tickets were something he would like (dumb question I know) and he thought it was great. He picked the teams he wanted to see the Mariners play and I bought the tickets.

In return Bob asked me what I wanted and I couldn't come up with anything. I thought about getting a new set of workout videos, like P90X2 or Insanity but I really want to go through P90x a few times before I change my workout. No great ideas so I let it drop. Bob would bring it up every once in a while but I was still at a loss so I just ignored him. 

Then last week I got an idea. I added an app to my iPhone so I could count my calories.  I've lost my appetite over the last few months and haven't been eating very well.  The app was suppose to help me make sure I was eating enough.  One of the products the app syncs with is a FitBit.  It tracks steps, calories burned etc. and then the information can be uploaded in to the calorie counter.  That got me thinking and I started researching heart monitors.  They talk a lot about wearing heart monitors when you do some of the cardio in P90x and I have always wanted to know how many calories I actually burned when I work out.

I found a heart monitor that you can use with your iPhone or iPad that will record your heart rate and also your calories burned.  I decided that this is what I wanted for my anniversary present.  It arrived last Wednesday while we were gone taking Nick to the airport so I couldn't use it until Thursday. 

It works great!!!!  I really love it.  I found that my estimates for calories burned during some of my workouts were right on.  Others I was really under estimating.  Now I'm looking forward to my workouts even more than I did before.  Plus I find that I'm pushing myself more now that I can see the number of calories I'm burning.  In the last two days I've burned over 1,000 calories.  There's no way I would have estimated that. 

Such an awesome anniversary gift!!!  Good Job Bob!! :)