Thursday, August 26, 2010


Saturday we went to a restaurant equipment auction.  The idea was we would go and watch and see how it works so when we are ready to buy equipment, we'll know what to expect. 

They had a donut fryer, a proofer and several mixers along with lots and lots of other equipment, dishes, tables and so on.  It was pretty exciting to see the equipment I will be using up close.  The prices listed on the items was scary. 

Then the auction started.  I didn't realize how much below the listed price the auctioneer started the bidding.  When it came to the fryer, I bid.  If I had been really ready to buy I probably would have won.  But I wasn't so it went to someone else.

When we got to the proofer, Bob and I had more of a plan.  He did the bidding and once again we were so close, but we had a limit and once the price went over the limit, we quit bidding.

It was fun even if we didn't end up buying anything.  But next time we go, we will have a plan and money (a really key part).  I think that we might be able to get a proofer, mixer and fryer for between $2,000 and $2,500.  It's a lot of money for sure, but much less than what I thought it would cost.  I figured if we could find everything for $7,000 I'd be lucky.

Monday, August 23, 2010

One Year Ago Last Week

It was one year ago last week that Bob and I made our first cake.  Well our first cake that we made for someone else.  As I look at the pictures I'm surprised how well some of the items turned out.  We didn't have any equipment to work with really.  There are lots of things I don't really like, but it was our first cake.

Here we were on Friday, delivering a cake to the same birthday boy one year later.  Oh how much we have learned.  I've learned that the type of cake you bake makes a huge difference.  I've learned that Corkey dogs and people are still hard to make. I've learned that the right tools help out a lot, but they don't solve every issue.  And most important I've learned that I still have a lot to learn.

(I'm also including some pictures of a cake and cupcakes we made for a going away party.  I hadn't had time to post them before). 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls

Last weekend I made cinnamon rolls for a friend at work.  They were the best I had made.  I'm not talking about taste but the way the dough turned out and the size and shape.  She did say they tasted good though which is important.

This weekend we went to the Oregon Coast where my Sister and Brother in-law were staying.  I decided to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  I didn't take my Kitchen aid but I was able to still make a pretty good dough the old fashioned way.  They turned out the way I wanted again and where a big hit.  So much so, I was asked to make them again this morning before we left. 

The pictures aren't the best but you can see the size.  These have been eaten on a bit but you get the idea.

So I need your help.  How much do you pay for Cinnamon Rolls when you buy them?  I have a hard time with pricing.  I want it to be priced fair, but I still have to be profitable.  Any input would be great.