Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29

Today is day 29 of the 90 day P90x routine.  It's been rough, it feels a lot like when I first started.  Well maybe not exactly like that.  I can get through the entire dvd which I couldn't the first time. 

I'm just frustrated that I have lost so much.  The definition I had in my muscles in June is almost all gone.  I'm thinking that I may need to add some more cardio.  I'm not ready to go back to doing the doubles routine, but maybe I'll try to ride the elliptical three or four times during the week. We'll see.  I really just want to get back to where I was.

Diet has been a struggle.  According to the P90x diet I should be eating around 2,400 calories a day.  I'm sure I do that sometimes, like when we are traveling and we eat out a bunch.  Most days though probably not.  Today I've decided to try to hit no less than 1,800 calories and actually track what I eat.  I've been very slack in watching what I'm eating.  Time to get focused. 

Water needs to became a bigger part of my day.  I'm trying hard to make sure I drink water all day but it's so much easier to grab a can of Diet Coke.  I know it's not good for me but it's my downfall.  I'm working on drinking more water and less Coke but it's a work in progress. 

"Enjoy the journey as much as the destination."
I'm trying to remember this as I keep pushing play each morning.  Frustration gets the best of me at times but I know that I'm in the best shape of my life.  I guess I just can't be satisfied with that.  Now I want lean, defined muscles.  I guess there are are worse things to obsess about.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.