Friday, September 10, 2010


We have been practicing donuts.  I think we have found the recipe to use.  It's light and cooks well.  I've had a few problems though. 

My proofer right now is a Rubbermaid tub with water in the bottom and a fish tank heater to warm it up and make condensation.  I know that's kind of hard to follow but the idea of a proofer is a warm, moist place for your donuts to rise.  The tub does the same thing, just not as well and it's not a controlled environment.  But it does help speed the process some.  

My fryer is a fryer you would find in any home.  Not one you would find in a bakery.  Right now we can fry two donuts at a time.  I made 4 dozen this morning.  It takes a while. 

There are other glitches we are working through but the proofer and fryer issue are a real challenge.  But, the donuts tasted good, really good.  So even with the challenges, we made good tasting donuts.  We will get there and some day look back and laugh at the Rubbermaid tub proofer and the 2 donut capacity fryer.