Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Baking - Round One

Friday kicked of the beginning of the Christmas Baking at the Dohrman's.  It will continue until Christmas Eve. 

The first project was for Bob's basketball team.  He coaches a sixth grade boys team, not that we have a sixth grade child, he just loves to coach.

There are nine kids on the team and each one received a plate of goodies. 

I started by making chocolate baskets.  I have a mold so these are pretty easy to do.  I filled each one with chocolate covered pretzels.

Next I made salted caramels.  Which are really good by the way. New this year to the list, but definitely a keeper.

Cookies were next, chocolate chunk and sugar cookies. 

Finally, I made my Danish Puff recipe. 

I finished up about 2:30 Saturday morning.  Crazy I know, but I just had to give the guys something for Christmas.  Here's the finished product.