Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls

Last weekend I made cinnamon rolls for a friend at work.  They were the best I had made.  I'm not talking about taste but the way the dough turned out and the size and shape.  She did say they tasted good though which is important.

This weekend we went to the Oregon Coast where my Sister and Brother in-law were staying.  I decided to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  I didn't take my Kitchen aid but I was able to still make a pretty good dough the old fashioned way.  They turned out the way I wanted again and where a big hit.  So much so, I was asked to make them again this morning before we left. 

The pictures aren't the best but you can see the size.  These have been eaten on a bit but you get the idea.

So I need your help.  How much do you pay for Cinnamon Rolls when you buy them?  I have a hard time with pricing.  I want it to be priced fair, but I still have to be profitable.  Any input would be great.