Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Today is day three of my next round of P90x/Insanity.

I've made some adjustments this time around. 
I added some more cardio to the routine.
30 minutes (or close to it) of cardio after work.
It's a great stress relief.

I've also changed the way I'm eating.
This has been way more of a challenge than the extra cardio.
I am now trying to eat 50% of my calories from protein,
30% from carbs and 20% from fat.

As a pasta, rice and bread lover 50% of my calories
from protein cuts out a lot of my favorite foods. 
I had already cut out bread but still this is tough.

I also burn a lot of calories and that means sometimes
I am scrambling trying to figure out what to eat
to make sure I'm eating enough. 

(I'm sure you are all feeling extremely sorry for me right now)

Add traveling out of town for work to the mix
and right now I'm a little overwhelmed by food.

I'm trying to remember that this is a process but as I 
sit here at the computer stuffed because I had to eat more food,
I'm not sure it's working real well.

Tomorrow I'll be home and I think that will help me a bunch.