Monday, September 24, 2012

Making Some Changes

As you can see I've made some changes to my blog.  Why?  Well first of all I would like to post more consistantly.  I like to blog but lately I just haven't felt like posting any of my baking projects.  Which brings me to the other reason I made changes to my blog.  I would like to finish out 2012 focused more on diet and exercise than my baking.

I haven't stopped baking.  Now that we are settled I probably bake something once a week but it's just typical baking.  Breads, cookies, pies.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I will have a cake to make in the near future and when I do projects like that pictures will be posted.  But since those projects are so spread out I end up not blogging for months at a time.

Exercise on the other hand is something I try to do at least three times a week.  Beginning October 1 it will be six days a week because I'm starting my third round of P90x.  That is something I can post about daily.

Diet, now this is a struggle.  I'm not always very hungry which isn't a really good thing if you are exercising regularly.  You need food to give you the energy to get through a workout.  So I have two goals over the next few months.  One is to eat enough good food.  Not just eating because I'm supposed to but eating food that is good fuel for my workouts.  Second is cooking smaller amounts of food.  Very shortly our household will be back to two people.  I still haven't quite gotten used to cooking for less but it's time to cut that back.

I hope you all will share with me your diet and exercise tips and recipes you enjoy.  I'll make sure to do the same. 

It's not a diet.  It's a Lifestyle.

Make Exercise Part of Your Routine.
Like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.
Don't even think about doing it.
Just Do It!